Leap of Faith

2 Corinthians 5:7

For we walk by faith, not by sight.

            Our son Caleb took up the long jump this year, as his contribution to the track and field team.  Watching it happen is an amazing thing.  The athletes run very fast for a very short period of time, then launch themselves into the air, trusting that the sand in the pit they will land in has been well raked, and is soft enough to break their landing. It looks as if they are flying! Caleb jumped 20 ft. 1 1/2 inch – and watching it, I can tell you – that is flying.

            One of the parts of the journey that is really impressive to see is how these particular athletes, from a variety of teams, can be happy for one another.  At the last meet, one young man broke 20 feet for the first time and almost flew back to the group, filled with joy, celebrating with other people who knew what it felt like to fly.

            The words leap of faith aren’t exactly scriptural – but the concept definitely is.  In one story after another, the people of God are asked to step outside of their comfort zones and leap into serving God. To trust that even though we walk by faith, and do not always know what the other end of the journey will feel like – we can trust God to go with us and get the sand ready for us to land in. What’s more, if we keep our eyes open – we will find people to connect with who are also leaping in faith in God – people who will cheer us on when we find our own ways to fly.

Prayer: Dear God, Help me to walk in faith, and sometimes, when the sand is ready, give me the courage to fly. Amen

Reflection Questions:

  • Have you ever taken what you would describe as a leap of faith?
  • What do you imagine it would be like to have the courage to jump?
  • Is there someone you know that needs to know you are cheering for them as they walk by faith?