Writing toward wholeness: exploring creativity and spirituality

My new book, based on the experience of leading creative writing as a spiritual practice, is launching September 2022!

What people are saying about the book:

“Whether you write for pleasure, for profit, or simply to keep up with friends, this book is ready to take you to the next level. Debra Bronkema is a trustworthy guide to the strange and wonderful things that can happen when creative writing is engaged as soul work, with power to change your life.”

Barbara Brown Taylor
Author of “An Altar In The World” and “Learning to Walk in the Dark”

“A heart-provoking spiritual practice. I experienced healing and was moved to tears as I felt the Beloved moving through this loving and expressive method. Above all, I’m inspired and encouraged by the ways in which I see Pastor Debbie living out this ministry in her home and community.”

Ike Sturm
Composer, Musician, Resident with connect.faithPraise for Writing Toward Wholeness

“Debra Bronkema’s new work brings to light preconceived notions around both how writing is accomplished and why writing is meaningful. Community wholeness, instead of individual exceptionalism is the new way forward for creators and Debra has given us an important book for accomplishing this necessary transition.”

Nick Warnes
Executive Director of Cyclical INC and Author of “Deconstructing Church Planting”

“Take out a pen and prepare to write by hand! “Writing Toward Wholeness” opens a door to rooms in our souls where we don’t ordinarily go, allowing attentiveness, clarity, healing, and peace to enter. Explore your Truth through fiction. Listen. Don’t skip. Don’t sensor. Express yourself. Sleep better!”

Jane Chancey Bullard
Author and Teacher

“‘Writing Toward Wholeness’ is a warm hug and challenging encouragement to go deep. Rev. Bronkema is a spiritual friend on our paths inviting us to more. Practice this book. You’ll surprise yourself.”

Laurie Palmer
Stated Clerk, Mission Presbytery

“‘Debra Bronkema’s book is an excellent roadmap for those who want to gain from the value of forming a group to further develop their own spiritual practice of creative writing.”

Brian Allain
Founder of Writing for Your Life, Publishing in Color, How to Heal Our Divides, and Compassionate Christianity

“‘A beautiful story guide that captures the healing power of the written word. I loved how Rev. Debbie used narrative to share creative ways to get folks writing and exploring divine relationship. Excited to dive into the exercises and experiment with using my own personal history as the starting point for fiction writing. Thank you!”

Chanda Rule
Singer, Writer, Podcast Host for The Courageous Voice

“‘In this warm and accessible book, Bronkema models how practicing listening and curiosity within writing can spill out and into our relationship with God. She is a gentle, curious, kind, and wise guide. An inspiring text and a practical handbook in one.”

Lauren Burdette
Spiritual Director & Author of this Life That Is Ours: Motherhood As A Spiritual Practice

“Writing toward wholeness invites the reader into a surprising process of self-discovery, disclosure, and healing through the art and craft of writing in a faith-centered community. I found myself mentally drafting and imaginatively conversing with Debbie and her group as I read. Is it the writing, the group — or Something more?”

The Rev. Dr. Martha S. Jacobi, LCSW-R
Pastoral Psychotherapist and Brain Spotting Trainer

“I’ve always found the writer’s life to be as envy-inducing as I found it inaccessible. Who wouldn’t want to be able to draw meaning out life’s moments, however profound or ordinary? But how do we start? In this wisdom-filled book, Debbie makes writing accessible even to the most reluctant.”

Michael Gehrling
Associate for Assessments and the Northeast, 1001 NWC


Retreat at Cedarkirk

We came together around words and music, making room for the Spirit to meet us in the process!



I’ve been a Pastor since 1993, and currently serve the Pleasantville Presbyterian Church in New York , and a new worshipping community called connect.faith. My congregation in Pleasantville is warm and welcoming – and would love to have you visit. We also invite you to be part of – connect.faith, which  is an on-line community where people grow spiritually through creativity and justice. 


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Writing toward wholeness – launching September 15th. 


Midweek Meditations, a devotional meant to help open you up to the presence of God in your life. In 2018, I published Finding Manna, which is the story of a young women’s journey to find her life. These books are published by Parson’s Porch Books – you can buy the book and/or learn more about them here:






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