My passion as a writer comes from a belief in the power of words to open people up to the presence of God. I have published three books to date. One is a devotional with 52 entries to lead the reader through the year. Finding Manna is a novel –  telling the story of a young women’s journey to find her life. My most recent book is Writing toward wholeness: exploring creativity and spirituality.  See below for links to purchase!

Writing toward wholeness: exploring creativity and spirituality

Writing toward wholeness:exploring creativity and spirituality 

We all want wholeness, to feed our souls and connect with the life-giving power of God.  Read this story of a group’s journey together exploring creativity and spirituality, and then go on a spiritual journey yourself!

Midweek Meditations

Midweek Meditations: An opportunity to get spiritually filled up on your journey through the world. They include a reading from scripture, a devotion and a prayer, as well as reflection questions for you to ponder.  Each meditation invites you into an encounter with the Word of God, offering both comfort and challenge along the way.

A story about the journey we call life.

Finding Manna is the story of Clare Wheeler, a young woman who feels lost in the middle of her own life. She chose to move far away from home after a broken romance and is living a life that looks successful on the surface. But underneath, she’s in a career that was picked for her, in a location that looks like paradise, but feels like solitary confinement. Through getting to know the guests at a place called Manna House, Clare begins to see the world through new eyes. She is stretched to view life through the lens of people who deal with poverty, addiction, immigration and emotional health issues – and those experiences change how she understands her life. Clare explores her identity through adventures and experiences that continuously challenge Clare’s view of who she is, what she can do, and how she wants to live her life. She is on a journey to find her own spiritual, professional and relational identity – and claim the life that is hers to live.


“The beauty of a good story is that allows us to experience life through someone else’s point of view. For a moment in time we are living through the eyes and mind of another. When we close the book, we take pieces of the experience with us. The brilliance of Finding Manna is that through the story of Clare Wheeler–and her struggle with understanding the nature of life, vocation and purpose–we gain insight into how we’ve balanced purpose and calling in our own life.”

“Finding Manna is a compelling story about a woman named Clare. In her own search to quench the yearning she feels in her life, she discovers that everyone around her is looking for something. Through getting to know the guests at a place called Manna House, Clare begins to see the world through new eyes. In helping uncover hidden secrets with the people at Manna House, Clare finds her own answers along the way.”

Bio – Debbie Bronkema

Rev. Dr. Debra J. K. Bronkema has been Pastor of Pleasantville Presbyterian Church in Pleasantville, New York since Easter Sunday 2007. She earned her Doctorate of Ministry from Columbia Theological Seminary in 2011, with an emphasis in Creative Writing as a Spiritual Practice, and leads programs and retreats on this topic throughout the country.
Prior to their move to Pleasantville, Debbie and her husband John were Co-Executive Directors of Cedarkirk Presbyterian Camp and Conference Center in Lithia, Florida. Debbie grew up in Michigan and was a CPA when she heard a call to ministry. Debbie and John have 4 children, Cali, Dylan, Logan and Caleb.
In 2018 Debbie published her first novel, Finding Manna, the story of a young woman searching for the life that is hers to live. Her latest book, published in December 2020 was a collection of devotions entitled Midweek Meditations. Most recently, Debbie has been Pastor for the new worshiping community, an online ministry where creativity, spirituality and justice meet.