Psalm 15

O Lord, who may abide in your tent?
    Who may dwell on your holy hill?

Those who walk blamelessly and do what is right
    and speak the truth from their heart;
who do not slander with their tongue
    and do no evil to their friends
    nor heap shame upon their neighbors;
in whose eyes the wicked are despised
    but who honor those who fear the Lord;
who stand by their oath even to their hurt;
who do not lend money at interest
    and do not take a bribe against the innocent.

Those who do these things shall never be moved.

            When I was a teenager, I was in a youth choir at my church, and these words were the words to our group’s favorite song to sing.  The tune was so upbeat, and joyful, full of hope and promise.  But as I read the passage today – looking at the whole Psalm – I think the composer might have been overly optimistic with his music.  He wrote the song as if we were all getting to go up the holy hill – but with these words – I don’t know if I see that same outcome.

            Afterall, most of us would admit we are far from perfect.  And David, who is credited with this Psalm was certainly less than perfect.  Maybe the Psalm is more of a question than a celebration.  A word to us when we know that we need help to approach God – because we know that we aren’t really holy ourselves. Maybe what we need to hear here is how God’s holiness is different, and can lift us up in ways we need to be lifted up.

            May the love of God abide and dwell in us, and show us the way.

Prayer:  O Lord, Thank you for the ways you show us the way.  Thank you for Jesus, for how he helps us see the grace that seeks us out, and shows us how to live. Amen

Reflection Questions:

  • What verse in this Psalm most gets your attention?
  • How can the grace of Christ meet you where you are today, and help you move forward in faith?
  • Imagine for a few minutes what the Holy Hill of God might be like. Let yourself experience the invitation to dwell and abide with the Spirit of God, even though you know you aren’t perfect.